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Intestinal Health and Colon Hydrotherapy

Stephen A. Antinoro, D.c.



Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle filtered water rinsing of the large intestine with the ability to adjust water pressure and temperature.  The client rests on a massage table.  Water flows into the colon using equipment approved by the FDA.  Water is released with a sense of fullness or urgency.  This is a completely closed system in which all waste matter is eliminated thru the instrument and out a drain line, avoiding any offensive odor and maintaining the dignity of the patient.  An illuminated glass viewing tube allows us to see any contents of the intestines that are released.  Various massage, lymphatic and pressure point techniques may be used to facilitate the cleansing.  The inflow-outflow process is repeated during the hour long session.  Approximately two to six liters flow into and out of the colon in one session.  A disposable water, waste line and speculum are

gallbladder flush or accident recovery.

*Note however, that colon hydrotherapy does not specifically treat the above conditions, rather, it enhances and facilitates the body’s ability to deal with them.



Everything we put in our mouth touches and effects the walls of the stomach, small intestine, and colon (large intestine).  When these substances or their by-products are toxic, they damage the intestinal wall tissue; intoxicate the nerves and glands, and can be absorbed through the walls into the blood and lymph and ultimately to the cells, tissues and organs.  As a result, peristalsis declines.  The slower transit increases fermentation and putrefaction of undigested food by bacteria and yeast.  The bacteria and yeast give off toxic wastes in the form of acids and gasses.  These substances also cause inflammation and erosion to intestinal wall tissues.

Elimination becomes incomplete and waste remains in the intestines.  Dehydration and stagnation occur.  This matrix creates erratic conditions in the body we call disease.  The main offenders are refined fats, salt, sugar, flour, chemicals, drugs and alcohol plus toxic emotions, thoughts, relationships and environments.  They drain energy from the digestive system.


The lymph system is part of the circulatory and immune systems.  Its fluid is composed of many different types of white blood cells and other substances.  One of its main jobs is to transport nutrients from the blood to each cell and remove cell waste.  Some of its waste is transported to and deposited in the small

intestines for elimination by the large intestine.  The lymph system may retain cell waste when intestinal walls are impacted, inflamed or overly permeable.  Prolific lymph nodes in the abdomen become storage areas for waste.  Lymphatic fluid becomes thicker and if accompanied with dehydration sets the stage for impaired circulatory and immune systems. Another lymph tissue, the lamina propria, composes over 50% of the intestinal wall.  Any injury to the walls directly effects the immune system.

Keep the lymph highly mobile by focusing daily on fluids, diet and exercise.


Constipation is any form of congestion and usually accompanied by dehydration.  It extends to the cellular level.  Signs of constipation are one bowel movement a day and/or incomplete elimination.  Some symptoms are overweight, fatigue, irritability, mental confusion, bloat, gas, indigestion, lethargy, headaches, migraines, earaches, sinus drainage, allergies, cellulite, anxiety, depression, pessimism, whining, unsatisfied hunger, poor circulation and anti-social behavior.  Have I named a familiar problem yet? 

used to insure maximum sanitation. The goals of each session are to hydrate the body, remove waste, stimulate peristalsis, rehabilitate the nerves, muscles, glands, circulatory and immune components of the digestive system and reposition the intestines.



Ÿ * Athletes use colon therapy to improve metabolic efficiency.

Ÿ * Many receive sessions during a period of life style change or as a preventive measure.

Ÿ * Many manifest symptoms of intestinal distress; constipation (some from prescription drugs), carbohydrate indigestion, diarrhea, gas, bloat, hemorrhoids, IBS, diverticulosis, colitis, parasites, skin conditions such as psoriasis, shingle, and eczema, inability to lose weight, and scar tissue and adhesions from surgery.

Ÿ * Another group is pain motivated; abdominal pain, continuous headaches and migraines, back or shoulder pain, aching joints, gout.

Ÿ * A number of patients are immune-compromised with lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue, Epstein Barre, candida, infections, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivity, environmental illness, colds or influenza.

Ÿ * Colon hydrotherapy sessions are used for medical reasons: pre- and post-surgery or barium x-ray, stool samples, and geriatric.

People come in during a fast, a cleansing program, a raw food diet, a liver and/or



Breathing is number one.  Exercise, yoga and meditation are the best ways to focus on and train ourselves to breathe.  The rhythm of the breath is the basis of peristalsis, relaxation of the nervous system and regeneration of the blood.  All are necessary for healthy intestines.

We have been focused exclusively on the mouth and eating for so long.  When we extend our focus to include the intestines and elimination, we have a balance between the two and our health grows.

Fees and Scheduling

Colon hydrotherapy is not an insurance covered service, therefore, payment by cash or personal check is expected at the time of service.  We do not accept credit or debit cards. The fee for a session is $65, and generally takes 45 minutes to an hour.  Please schedule at least 3 days in advance.


A colon hydrotherapy session begins to hydrate the system and break up impacted and dehydrated fecal, mucoid, parasitic, and other waste material that layer the intestinal walls.  The walls have a chance to heal.  Absorption and reabsorption of toxic materials from the intestines into the system may be prevented, assimilation of nutrients improves.  The liver,kidneys and skin are relieved.  Elimination is enhanced.  Transit time improves.



Hydrate, dissolve, disinfect, soothe,                 tonify and refoliate intestinal tissue.

People attain greater success when colon hydrotherapy is done in conjunction with fluids, exercise and diet.

The most successful dietary methods of removing waste from the walls, folds, crypts, pockets and hairs of the intestinal tract are:

Ÿ* Drinking three quarts plus of fluid daily

Ÿ* Using a high volume of fresh orange, grapefruit, or pineapple juice

Ÿ* Eating fresh fruits and vegetables

* Fasting

Massage therapy and consistent exercise break up hardened matter, stimulate lymph circulation, and tonify weakened abdominal tissue.